Die Untersuchung des Kindes I + II

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Examining the child I +" II: General examination / Neurological examination
CD-ROM, 1999, English
C. Dammann, E. Gugler
Target audience: medical students in a clinical setting and physicians

Part 1: Introducing specific examination techniques of children in different age groups (babies, infants and school children). Topics: medical history, object of the examination, objective measurements; examination of heart and circulation, lungs, abdomen, skin, musculoskeletal apparatus, head and throat, lymph nodes, genitalia and anus. Built into the program are many examples like sternal recessions, nasal flaring, clubbed fingers, pes valgoplanus, strabismus, retractile testis etc.

Part 2: Some milestones of the psychomotor development in the stage of babies, infants and school children. Also given is a hint to a test (Denver test) that roughly evaluates the state of development. Functional integrity is covered by showing the examination of the level of consciousness, cranial nerves, muscle strength, tone, developmental reflexes, deep tendon reflexes, cerebellar function, sensation and gait while giving attention to the differences to adults. Remarkable examples of pathologies like hemiparesis, hypothonia and Gowers sign are also included.